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Concierge C​are Management....

What does Care Management include you may ask?  That is a great question and while it can be a complicated task, the goal is a simple one: To work with a team of physicians and health care professionals and keep your needs and expectations in the very center.  For you and your health to be the focus, collectively. 


While communicating with our clients physician(s) and other health care providers, Care Management incorporates services such as:

Pro-Active Planning:  We will help monitor your care on an ongoing basis.  After our Initial Meeting, a Plan of Care & Services , specific to our clients individual needs, will be developed.  This plan is discussed and shared with our clients and also provided to the clients health care provider(s). Plans are useless unless they are implemented. 

Resources: One of the most valuable resources available in health care is communicationEffective & successful communication will help reduce the risk of emergencies and other health related challenges.  We communicate with each member of your health care team and also those closest to you. If you need assistance getting to a physicians appointment, we can help arrange that resource and even schedule those appointments.  We can meet you there as well.  

If you end up in the emergency room, or admitted to the hospital, we can meet you at the hospital and visit you each day, if you request, while hospitalized. Managing medications, especially newly prescribed ones or dose changes, can be difficult and confusing.  We can help arrange that resource and provide assistance, education, a safe system and communication along the way.  

Often times questions about insurance changes and coverages surface, especially during and after the annual "Open Enrollment" period offered by Medicare.  We can help our clients navigate the system and provide answers to many of these questions.  

With years of experience in health care and in our community, we can help arrange the best services like home health, physical therapy, dietary consultations,  private duty, and support groups.  We can also make recommendations on physicians or communities (Rehabilitation/Assisted Living/Memory Care, ect.)  if needed.  These are just a few examples of the many resources we can help our clients arrange, understand and navigate. 

Advocacy:  We have a complete understanding on how important this is for each of our clients and in every aspect of their health care journey.  Our goal will always be to do what we can to help you stay in your home.  To age in place.  We will help with a plan, including individually centered strategies, to help make this possible. If the time comes where this is no longer the safest option for you or a loved one, we will help you through this transition.  There are many steps to take when choosing your next home and many resources to connect and communicate with. We help with these challenges.  We will implement "un-announced visits" to our clients living in Assisted Living, Memory Care, while in rehab or hospitalized, and even at home, if requested. This important service simply helps our clients receive better care. 

While everything we shared above is an overview of the most common services that are offered in our model, each person is unique.  Each person has different expectations, will require different needs and face different challenges.  Even if they are the same.  Our  Concierge Care Management and plan will be specific to you and we will do what we always do for each of our clients, treat them like family. 

Click on the Contact Us link above to discuss these options and bringing us on as a part of your Health Care Team. 

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