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What is a Certified Dementia Practitioner….

A Certified Dementia Practitioner, or CDP, is someone with a certification demonstrating achievement and specialized training in the areas of Alzheimer’s and dementia care. The CDP program recognizes the need for standards in the area of Alzheimer’s and dementia education, and it helps improve the services provided by health care professionals and frontline staff.

For a long time, the trend in dementia care has been centered around the caregiver instead of the care receiver. Today, we’re seeing a unique shift in the caregiving culture, which involves engaging elders to prevent agitation and confusion before it begins. The key to this switch is that caregivers are now encouraged to ‘join’ the residents in their current reality, taking a person-centered approach to their care instead of trying to orient them to the reality of the caregiver.

There are many advantages when including a Certified Dementia Practitioner as a part of the team taking care of you or a loved one.  To explore these options and discuss these options and advantages in more detail, please click on the Contact Us link above and we can arrange a time that will work for you. 

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