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Concierge Laboratory Services....

inTouch Medical Solutions offers "At-Home" Laboratory Collections.  We simply come to you (or your loved one) and can collect laboratory samples in the comfort of your own home.  These sample collections include blood, urine, feces, upper respiratory and/or would cultures, and so on. We have right at 28 years of experience and are familiar with the sample requirements and preparations, if necessary, for any test needed.  We can also help educate you or a loved one on how to use certain "at-home testing devices", like blood sugar monitors, and calibrate them correctly for you. 

Many have utilized this service while living in a Senior Living Community or while working.   All laboratory collections will require a Physicians Order that also includes diagnosis codes (medical necessity) for each test your Physician requests. Our services include obtaining the Physicians Order (if assistance here is needed), collecting the sample(s) and then delivering the samples to either the Laboratory you choose or one we recommend.  Your insurance company may be the determining factor as to which lab performs the testing.  We will make sure that your samples are properly delivered to the laboratory covered under your insurance plan.  Your lab tests will be covered by your insurance just as they would be if you physically went to the lab to have them collected.  While your insurance company covers the testing being performed, they do not cover our services and the collection process.  This is an out of pocket expense. 

All lab results will be sent directly to the Physician that ordered the testing by the laboratory and they (your Physician)  will be responsible in reporting these results to you.   We do not report, diagnose or interpret lab values.   Our collections are for those labs needed on a routine request.  We do not collect STAT labs. 

Please click on the Contact Us link above with any questions you may have or to schedule a visit and collection. 

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