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We are a "Concierge" service model which simply means that all services offered are private pay.  We do not bill insurance for any of our services.  

"Corporate Medicine" has changed health care and in many harmful ways.  When Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) were incorporated into the governments payor system, this made health care much worse.  Individuals became numbers and a diagnosis. They were no longer at the center of health care, even their own health care.  Re-imbursements went down, services became more centralized and this is only getting worse over time. To make up for this crisis health care professionals are now forced to see more individuals and do so in less time.  By creating a Concierge model this allows for the two most needed avenues of support to again be included in your personalized health care: Time and Attention. 

The Time you deserve and someone invested in your overall health care and plan.  

Care Managers across the state of Florida work under this same type of model.  It is common to see similarly qualified professionals charging anywhere from $200-$300, per hour, for their services. Many of them billing 1 hour minimums for any service provided.  Our hourly rate is much less than this and will not compromise the quality, effectiveness or individual care you expect and deserve. We also bill in 15 minute blocks for services provided during normal business hours. After contracting with us and reserving/paying for the initial block, we then bill you monthly for those services that were provided. At times there may be a document fee charged to individuals or companies receiving a referral on your behalf. This fee is not your responsibility and will be charged directly to the provider(s).   

 I encourage you  to schedule a consultation, which can be competed by phone or in person, and discuss our rates and the value in our services.  This introductory consultation is for one hour and the fee for this consultation is only $49. There is no obligation. From there we can discuss the needs you are facing and the hourly rates associated with the plan we develop together. For you, your loved one, or those you have been trusted to care for. 

Call or Text Chad at: 863.273.1499

E-Mail (non HIPAA compliant): 

Secure & Private Fax (HIPAA compliant): 863.884.1727

Mail: PO Box 25, Sebring Fl. 33871

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