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Chaplain Visitations.......

In 2014 I decided to take a ministry I was involved in and become an Ordained Minister.  To me, this is only a title.  A title needed in many states to perform ceremonies.  It is nothing more than a certificate, given by man or the Church, that is used to "qualify" individuals to perform or complete a service. 

I was Saved, or Born Again, at the age of 11.  During my Christian walk there have many days where I have strayed. We all do. We all will.  God is faithful and He always finds a way to bring His chosen people back to Him.  Those that are less than perfect. He sees past the flaws, scars and mistakes.  He and He alone sees the heart of a man. 

Each visit, or service here, is one that could be considered a Chaplain Visit.  There is prayer before, during if requested, and after.  If you are a current client of mine please know that your care will include this approach.  If you are not a current client, but would like a visit and someone to pray with you, I do not charge the normal hourly or blocked rate(s) for these visits.  If you feel a donation is suitable, I welcome that.  If not, I welcome that also.  Contact me here and I will gladly help any way I can. 


"God Doesn’t Call the Qualified, He Qualifies the Called

God Equips His People for His Work

You make a mistake when you use the world’s standard to judge the qualities of a Christian. A person’s eloquence, coolness or success in the business world means nothing to God on their own. A leading expert in a field can do nothing for God without a rock solid relationship with Jesus. The most successful CEO will be an utter failure running a church without a heart for Jesus. The sole defining quality of great workers for the Lord is being with Him. God will give you the ability to do His will if you seek to do it. God doesn’t call the qualified for His work. They are a dime a dozen. God calls the man who is devoted to God. He then equips him for the tasks ahead."

Hudson Taylor. 

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