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Testimonials Continued From Our Home Page....

"Dear Chad,

How sad we were to read your latest newsletter with the news you’ll soon be leaving . 

We will certainly miss you at the office. In the few short months we have known you, you have provided us with excellent service, listened attentively to our needs and provided assistance with your wonderful smile – even if we couldn’t always see it under your mask! It will be our loss to see you leave.

Please know we wish you and your family good health, better days ahead and much success. Know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers. You are a paragon of strength and display it to all.

Most sincerely, with tears in our eyes."

Ann and Bob


"Chad, you will be soooo missed!!! Indeed, you have provided such professional, personal, & management support for  the Doctor—what a wonderful team you have been!!!! As patients, we say you have been a huge factor in the concierge success and, indeed wish you all our thoughts & prayers for success and contentment for what lies ahead! Great picture of you and your boys!

Many thanks, blessings."

Carol & Dr. Richard


"Hello Chad. Diane and I are very sorry to hear you are leaving. All of our best wishes to you. You and all your family will be in our prayers.

You have been terrific to us and for us. You may have someone take over for you, but no one can replace you. Thank you from all our hearts!"

Dan and Diane


"Dear Chad, Thank you for your note regarding leaving the practice. You are a wonderful person and truly an amazing and compassionate person. Your heart is leading you to the right destination.

I feel sad that you are leaving though, since Rich and I just met you and we were looking forward to working with you. We wish you the best though and we will keep you in our prayers."

Norrie and Rich 


"Thanks Chad for all your help the past year and also for giving the doctor the

backup he needed to operate a first class Concierge service for his clients.

You will be sorely missed by everyone. Your courtesy , attention and overall

knowledge was a blessing. Good Luck."

Dennis and Maureen


"We will miss you and your professionalism. You are awesome and will do well where ever you go. I am glad you will be with those little boys. God Bless!"

June and Jim



"I'm very sorry to see you go but wish you and your family only the best. 

We didn't get much chance to get to know one another but I certainly appreciate your help and attention. I wish you the best of luck and all good things.

Your sons are beautiful little guys and I'm sure they'll continue to bring "The Block" much happiness as they grow.

Best wishes, and again, thank you!"

Chuck & Diane


"Chad, You will be missed. I thank you for all the support and help you gave to me. I wish you the best as you move on.

With Warm Regards,"



"Chad, I just read your email and I am very sorry to hear of your plans to leave the practice. You have made our time as patients a very good experience and we will miss you.  We wish you the very best from both of us."

Sincerely, Alan and Jean

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