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Medicare Fraud Reporting & Assistance....

When you have a desire to advocate for your clients one can not ignore the impact that Medicare Fraud not only has on that individual, but the system as a whole.  Medicare Fraud takes place in high numbers and South Florida is at the top of the list on Medicare Fraud reported cases each year!  Dade County leads the nation in harboring criminals who are stealing from the Medicare system. Stealing your money. Your benefit. 

In the past year alone I have been involved in the successful reporting (and correction) of 4 Medicare Fraud cases.  Many before this and some ongoing.  I am familiar with how to successfully report these concerns,  outline what fraud has taken place,  verify and make sure your identity that has been stolen is not being used in other avenues of theft, and helping Medicare retrieve payments to these criminals. If you feel you or someone you know has been the victim of Medicare Fraud, click on the Contact Us link above so we can discuss helping you as well. 

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