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Physicians Offices....the heart of all medicine! 

inTouch Medical Solutions works closely with Physicians and their office staff and has developed some unique services to help manage the care of their patients as well as help stream-line the services many Physicians rely on. These services and avenues of support also help the office staff be more productive with their time as they encounter fewer interruptions. These services include:

Referral Management:  Allow us to intercept your Home Health, Hospice and Private Duty referrals and outsource those to a reputable agency that would be the best fit for the needs of that individual and their caregivers/family.   We monitor the services being provided, report back to the Physician and staff, organize and submit any needed orders and documents throughout the referral process and become a level of support for the patient that they would not normally encounter.  This also reduces the amount of marketers and interruptions throughout the busy work day. 

At-Home Laboratory Services:  Many patients have difficulty going to an outpatient laboratory to have their lab work done.  There are also many offices that no longer draw blood or collect samples on their patients.  We offer Concierge services where we go to the patients home and collect the samples needed for the testing the physician feels is necessary. We can also go to any Senior Living Community and offer these services there as well.  After obtaining the order from the office we will contact the patient and instruct/schedule a time that is best for them.  We will make sure the samples are dropped off at the correct laboratory for testing and that the results are sent back to the physician that ordered them. (For more information click on the Concierge Laboratory Services link above). 


Clinical and Wellness/Monitoring Visits:  With a physicians order additional monitoring visits can be added and be a very valuable resource to your patients, even helping reduce the chances of a hospital visit or stay. Visits that may include monitoring a patients blood pressure, orthostatic readings, vital signs or blood sugar,  checking to make sure that a wound or surgical site is still healing properly, checking again to make sure the correct medications are being taken and no new questions or symptoms have surfaced, or having a simple conversation and checking to see how your patient is doing, overall. How their caregiver is holding up. And so on. Many of these services are covered under Medicare and a Home Health order, however ,they are limited and do run out.  With managed care plans becoming more popular in our area these services will be even more limited.  We are an additional avenue of support and your eyes and ears on your patients. (Click on Concierge Clinical & Monitoring Visits above for more information), 

We have several options for your practice and spent several years working in this level of health care that also  included Practice Management and Start-Up.  We would love the opportunity to work with you, your staff, and the patients you care for.  Click on the Contact Link above to set up a time that works best for you and your staff. 

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