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Informative Lectures....

It is quite obvious that one major topic I am passionate about is how our Medicare system has changed and how this very important benefit, that is yours, has been mishandled and abused.  This is only getting worse and one of the reasons is Medicare Part C, or the government allowing big business and these very large insurance companies to put their hands on your money.  Your benefit. They profit billions each year from the "Advantage Plans" they offer and sell, especially during the Open Enrollment period at the end of each year.  They are confusing, they are dangerous, and Medicare is not a hand out by the government.  It is YOUR money that was originally designed to help take care of your most valuable asset as you age...Your health. 

For several years now I have given informative lectures, mostly at Senior Living Communities, on how dangerous these plans are.  These lectures include stories, examples and information that most people do not know.   Information from the "back end" of health care and things the average person does not know and are surprised to learn.  Medicare and these large insurance companies do not want you to know these things. 

This is valuable information that all Medicare eligible recipients should know before they get that call at 8:50pm, or answer one of  Joe Namath's postcards that were mailed to them in September, and call for "free information".  You know, the retired athlete that has hundreds of "get the free benefits you deserve" commercials each day and between the months of September - January each year.  Please do not call them until you have researched what you are giving up.  Once enrolled in one of these plans you NO LONGER have Medicare. 

If you are interested in teaming up with me and allowing me to share this information with your residents please click on the Contact Us link above and we can discuss this.  If you are interested in other health related topics and/or needing help aligning a guest speaker for an event, please ask.  I can assist with this as well as I have many resources. 

Education is key. 

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